Eye movements

Mountains, fields and such stretch out to the horizon. Only occasionally, however, do we let our eyes gaze so far. Much of the time they stare a feet in front of us. This makes the muscles behind them tight.

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Blue silk

She begins by the bins. Draped in blue silk, her back waves slowly like a tree rising from the ground. Beads and jewels hang off her waist. Navy eye shadow hides her downward gaze.

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Traces of us

My mother tends to just watch me at times. Most do, with respect to their own children, I imagine. Still I find it curious.

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I cut my hair, or let it grow, and then look in the mirror to find my reflection astray. A moment later it hits me. My beard, or whatever thereof, is now at an inappropriate level relative to my hair.

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Around the sun

As I sat in my room, listening to the vague electrical’s of King Crimson, I thought of age and accomplishment. What have I added to the world? Should I have eaten fewer cookies (actually in my case, more cookies)?

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