Elevated expectations

Throughout most of human history, we had placed our belongings on the ground. Our beds; a mattress on the ground. Our pots and pans; on a fire on the ground. Our children, somewhere, on the ground.
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Sympathy for the right

Lately I’ve been brushing up on my politics and economics. No, I still haven’t gotten around to reading a whole book or journal articles on the topic, but I’ve been making my way through a fair share of opinion articles, wikipedia pages and online lectures. I think this recent spur of interest could be attributed to our recent elections, occupy wall street or more likely, Reddit. Either way, it’s been enjoyable and enlightening.

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To be fed or free

Aside from exploding bottles of silly string in the bonfire, chalking borderline offensive images on our fence and generally not being sure what was happening around me, I managed to sneak in an interesting conversation with one of my flat mates friends at our recent Halloween barbeque. The discussion was over the balance between economics and ethics in his home country of China. While my ability to criticise economic policy is embarrassingly poor, the conversation did prod my western democratic leanings.

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