Ninety-seven percent

We share ninety-seven percent of our genome with Chimpanzees. And we look much more like each other than we do with Chimps. So I guess that means we share more than ninety-seven percent* of our genome with one another. (Be quiet biologists, you know what I mean).

The same atoms, hormones, neurons run between us. Ultimately it’s all of these which give rise to our behaviours, thoughts and internal experiences. All of us have inherited the same ability to smile, sing and, also, to worry.

Yet it we so often feel alone in our emotional oddities. “Is it just me?” “How come no one else has these thoughts?” “Am I the only one a little turned on by the Rocky Horror Picture Show?”

Really, let’s not be so coy. You are a human. If you feel a certain way about something, if you have met even the most nuanced of emotions, then there is a ninety-seven percent chance that you are not the only one. Chill.

Unless you are like super turned on by the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then it’s just you and me baby.

*That three percent difference is split between fondness, or lack thereof, for mushrooms, liquorice and free-form jazz.