Elevated expectations

Throughout most of human history, we had placed our belongings on the ground. Our beds; a mattress on the ground. Our pots and pans; on a fire on the ground. Our children, somewhere, on the ground.

Only recently, has ‘tall things’ been a trend.

Everything was working fine. Then one day, men in top hats walked in, took a look around and demanded that all belongings shall be placed off the ground. From henceforth, came spring-beds, kitchen bench tops and kiddie chairs.

It made everything more complicated. We now have to build everything taller. If the thing can’t be made taller, we have to invent a tall thing to put it on. And our tools need to be taller to reach the taller things. Seems like an unnecessary use of resources.

The ground is kind of nice you know. It’s solid, reliable and just exists by default. You can even carpet if you want it comfier. In fact, I’m sitting on it right now. Seems just fine to me.

Alas, it’s too late. We’re already entrenched in this elevated world. Such great lengths we now have to go.

I’m sure it’s all a conspiracy from the step ladder industry. It always traces back to them.