Eye movements

Mountains, fields and such stretch out to the horizon. Only occasionally, however, do we let our eyes gaze so far. Much of the time they stare a feet in front of us. This makes the muscles behind them tight.

Let’s do some simple yoga for our eyes.

Sit in a public square and hold your head still. With only your eyes moving, track the paths of passersby. Be still among the activity, enjoying the role of the observer.

In your garden, do the same with bees and butterflies. It’s their turn to be at work, while you have your day off. Enjoy their down-to-earth vocation.

Find where the birds or bats dance at night. See the black flock rise and turn against the evening sky.

Throw a ball into the air and catch it. Pass it from one hand to the other, from behind your back and under your legs. See if you can follow it.

Do it however you wish, and just let your eyes play once again.