Sweet Ganpati

It’s Ganpati at the moment. That is the both the name of and eponymous celebration of the god with the elephant head. For him we chant, pray and gift flowers in a colourful manner. Moreover we also observe the socio-spiritual-indulgent practice of ‘prasad’, as outlined below.

First we crush together sugar, dates, coconut, ghee and nuts into tiny calorific balls (occasionally deep frying them). And then, we do our best not to eat them.

The leads to a prolonged game of hot potato. Everyone graciously accepts these treats from one another with uneasy smiles. Once behind clothes doors the panic sets in. The unfortunate recipient now has to wait for the next gathering to off-load these onto someone else. Failing to do so, they will be tasked consuming the lot so as not to disgrace the lord and principle of gratefulness.

Though I’m quite sure elephants probably prefer bananas anyway.