Fields too far

There is a sadness in pixelated realities that only the virtual wanderer would ponder upon.

It is felt in that moment when one pauses at the edge of a green field, barred from advancing by invisible walls. One gazes out past rolling hills and fading fields, realising they will never explore further, for these are nothing but polygons in the backdrop.

It is felt in that moment when talking to the villager by the coast. He once spoke of the prized ring he lost, for which he begs your aid. But now he repeats only a single phrase. There is no more to say my friend, forever stand in peace.

It is felt in that moment one returns to a temple that was once imbued with purpose, perhaps to reveal a revelation or to pray for divine strength. But now it remains an empty architecture of beauty, where no more stories shall ever be told.

Illusions, nothing more. So close, yet so far.  If only we could wander forever, without their lives ending with a tick on the quest list.