I cut my hair, or let it grow, and then look in the mirror to find my reflection astray. A moment later it hits me. My beard, or whatever thereof, is now at an inappropriate level relative to my hair.

This relates to what I consider the beard to hair ratio.

It’s not just the nature or length of the beard that matters. The overall aesthetic of ones face considers the beards relation to the hair.

For example, I may lazily allow my beard to grow scruffy. At first it will look just that. Then by the end of the week, my hair will have grown scruffy enough to match that, giving me a sort of muso look.

On the other hand I may have a slight stubble that appears appropriate at first. Then a sudden clean cut causes the stubble to appear incongruous.

I’m not sure, if constant, what the ratio is or if it is a more complex function.

Alas, it is only for a brief moment, once every few weeks, where the planets align, the werewolf howls and two lengths come just inline, when I can cool-ly look in the mirror and raise just one eyebrow to my fine self.