Around the sun

As I sat in my room, listening to the vague electrical’s of King Crimson, I thought of age and accomplishment. What have I added to the world? Should I have eaten fewer cookies (actually in my case, more cookies)?

So natural to think this way once a year. Yet it seems so distracting to our spirit.

What if we did away with age all together?

Imagine instead living on a pure continuum. Fields of tall grass and roses never ending. No milestones, no cut-off points. Just walking without concern. One less way to define, gauge and judge ourselves.

Imagine it.

Age of course is a natural emergent concept of the ever-ticking human mind. We notice patterns in the seasons. Snow falls once more. Flowers bloom again. Your eyes show another hint of wisdom. The year is created. Hopefully this tells some of your story to a stranger. What of it exactly?

Maybe it just says how many times we have been lucky enough to ride around the sun.