That be torrential

I recently encountered the word ‘Sonder’. It refers to the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Pretty nifty.

Out of curiosity, I then decided to look into its origin; language, era and possibly author. But all I could find was an artsy picture with the word and definition cursively written over the top. Turns out that someone just made it up. Like, probably recently. Regardless, it has a rather decent following or acceptance on the internet, as suggested by ‘likes’.

Now that’s cool, nothing against words being made up. But I feel a bit gypped. I had tried this myself a few years ago to no avail.

One fine day, the idea of using the word ‘Torrential’ as an adjective just came to me. Probably when it was raining. Raining, torrentially.

The word has a certain power to it. It signifies intensity, imbued with the a taste of nature. So you might say,

Man, that party was torrential!


We getting torrential tonight!

Or even,

That fight scene had a torrential ending!

Seeing it’s potential, a friend and I started casually using it in conversation, hoping it would pick up. It didn’t. Or maybe it did and some group of losers by the mall are yelling it out like they’re at church. Probably not though. We gave up after a while. Alas, we did not have the gift of conveyance.

And so now I encounter a stranger who does. So hats off to you, oh inventor of ‘Sonder’. May your deed to this earth open our connection with one another through the art of language. That is some torrential work you are doing brother.

(yeah, you probably saw that coming. Whatever, I can still dream)