‘Why’, not ‘what’

When I was still on the third floor at work, every morning at 9.30 am I would hear a mysterious rattling sound. I would sit still and shift my eyes. I could not put my finger on it. My best guess was an applause following a meeting. Someone here must have been a riveting speaker.

It would come, but then it would go before I could give it much thought. I would shrug and then get back to making numbers appear on the inter-webs. It was harmless background noise.

Then one day as I walked to the kitchen I finally witnessed the source of the sound. It was a lady viciously shaking a drink bottle. I don’t what inside the bottle could create such a sound (M&M’s perhaps?). Who cares? Mystery solved.

After that day though, I noticed the sound began to annoy me. It had not actually changed. What had changed, however, was its context. An applause was a reasonable phenomenon. However, loudly shaking a bottle in the morning, which for some reason contained M&Ms (or M&M like objects), was just plain uncalled for.

I would squint my eyes in disapproval. I would gaze to where she sat through the conveniently placed cubicle wall. If I wasn’t half the man I was, I would have strode over there and demanded, ‘What is the meaning of this?!’

But then I thought, ‘How odd?’. The only thing that had changed, to cause me irritation, was something inside my own mind. Not something outside.