Spoon efficiency

I am not a particularly spoon efficient person. By this, I mean that I tend to use more utensils for a task than necessary. For example, my preparation of cereal usually pans out as follows:

1. Chop banana with a spoon (whatever, it works)
2. Mindlessly place spoon into sink
3. Add cinnamon using a second spoon and stir into bowl
4. Decide to add a tablespoon of flax seeds
5. Realise previous spoon is now wet and so get a third spoon
6. After eating and placing all utensils in sink, decide to have a spoonful of yogurt

Really, all this should have taken one spoon (assuming no one else in the house eats my soy yogurt). But due to a lack of attention and an obsessive need to clean as I go, the pile of resentment just fills up in the sink.

Quantitatively this could be described as :

Spoon Efficiency = Number of spoons used/Number of spoons required

The previous scenario would then evaluate to a 4:1 ratio. I am not clear on what an acceptable value is but perhaps further studies would reveal a global average. Surely this is worth funding? Well, as long as I get to name the ratio after myself.

Or perhaps I should just switch chop sticks, drinking oatmeal straight from the bowl and using those little jars that let you sprinkle spices.