Many years ago I had a driving instructor called Greg. After about half a dozen lessons it got to the point where it was more of an hour long conversation than a lesson, us two just cruising around the block while he pointed out this and that. I have no idea what Greg is doing these days, perhaps flying a mini plane, rocking around on a truck or just chilling out in the passenger seat dropping words of wisdom to other transient youth.

I remember that at times he would tap on my shoulders with his trusty drum stick (percussive, not culinary) and remind me to relax them. In an early lesson he said that shoulder tension is an indicator of stress. Just changed lanes, a tap on the shoulder. About to hit the motorway, a tap on the shoulder. Strange flesh like sound crunching under the wheels, a tap on the shoulder. Nevertheless, I still use that piece of advise to date.

Every now and then, especially after a testing situation, I will take note of my shoulders. If I am happen to be subconsciously holding them up then it means I am more stressed than I need to be. Promptly I will let them fall to the earth, as if being pulled down by chains, to rest passively upon my silent frame. Tension resolved.

Perhaps you could try it next time you walk out of a trying day at work, an awkward argument or fighting an imp/dragon. Simply let your shoulders drop to the ground, then keep walking. Hey, maybe you could even do it right now in the midst of some intense internet-ing.

Yeah, yeah, drugs are easier, but sometimes everything you need is within that wise body of yours.


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