Unconcerning Insanity

Insanity is simply abberance.

A few months ago I visited a dietitian, another avenue which I hoped may shed some light on my current health issues. To be frank, the depth of her advice was disappointing, although not surprising. As a health nut who regularly scours journal articles, online lectures and enjoys discussing the current state of nutritional research I found her advice to be little better than that of a Womens Day magazine.

With all due respect of course, she was friendly, concerned and did help me organise my diet in a practical sense. However what I found curious was a letter she had written to my GP following our visit. I only came across it some time later when requesting documents from my GP. Interestingly, she suggested that I may have an eating disorder.

How funny it is to consider that this grown version of a nutritionally thoughtless, chubby high school student could grow into a nutritionally obsessed masochist. While I did make considerable dietary changes  after moving out of home, eschewing the delicacies of the golden arches in place of the rustic charms of simple vegetables, I am not so sure such actions deserve to be labelled as ‘extreme’.

In particular, my abstention from sugar, oil and all things processed made me fit for the term ‘orthorexic’, which is the obsession over type of food ingested rather than quantity. In a world of artificial gustatory extravagance, is that so crazy? In a world in which heart attacks, diabetes and cancer are the norm is the strive for optimal health really madness?

Now I admit that I do get a bit edgy about eating unhealthy foods at times. And sure, maybe she saw my conclusions as simply wrong and grown out of paranoia. But resentfully, instead of countering my dietary choices with an informative discourse, she took the easy route and labeled me as unable to make my own choices at all.

How easily she wrote of a potentially genuine view on life as negative mental trait.

Every now and then it hits you that those of us who live wildly different lives simply hold different values. Whether you are a man child, a health nut, an obsessive achiever or a self centered pyschopath, that is simply what brings you satisfaction. Of course if it gets to the point where your tendencies become self destructive, where you begin acting out of irrational fears then a mental diagnosis may be warranted.

But in my case, I think not.

For now I am content with looking forward to a life free from common western ailments. I will happily seek culinary pleasure from creative whole food ingredients, diligently gaining satisfaction from my purity.

I am content with any hour wasted in mindless activities, as I know that I will be productive in whatever way I feel need, be it creative writing, a bit of programming or reading in due time.

I am content with treating others how I hope they would treat me, and a little more as that tickles my altruistic spirit. I will give my time, ears and hands to those whom I can have a lasting relationship with and then become ashamedly selfish when I feel the need.

That is my balance and I am sure you all truly have yours, you perfect and beautiful, non-pyscopathic different person. That doesn’t mean I have to like you or agree with you though…


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