Religion is an attempt to create a story about the world around us. These stories help guide us through our lives. They give us understanding, enjoyment and most importantly comfort.

The sun is Apollo riding his mighty chariot to light our skies. Maui once tore a great stingray from the Pacific ocean to create what is now the North Island of Aotearoa. A great man once walked this earth, the universe personified, to the pave path for us. There is a force known as Karma, pervading and connecting us all as a collective consciousness of action.

Such stories, however, are rejected by science and atheist lines of thought. Science values truth. It values that which is verifiable through impartial observation. Stories of course are not truth and so have no place in the mind of the most adamant rationalist.

The rationalist sees stories as a veil to truth. They believe that the truth will set us free as soon as we understand how every atom, cell and force in the universe works. But this truth is naught but a story itself, albeit one more consistent with reality. In the end, however, we must consider what is more important, consistency or meaningfulness.

Another way to say it is that rationality cannot be an end in itself. It is a useful tool for aiding our more complicated decisions. But if the attainment of happiness and satisfaction are taken to be our axioms, and irrationality is a path which may effectively lead us there, then maybe we should embrace our natural inclination for the sillyness of stories.

Some stories may work for some but not others. Of course, some may be dangerous when they encroach into social territory. But I don’t simply speak of the stories of the major religions. I speak of any sense of wonder, intuition and slight insanity, beyond the empirical, that one may conjure up.

There may be great joy in believing in the existence of fairies at the bottom of the garden. There may be great wisdom in seeing the sun, sky and sea as divine powers to be revered. And there may be great comfort in belief in the spirit, or at least in a beautiful truth that is just unknowable.

Our stories are the manifestation of our natural propensities.

From your spirit let emerge a story of the world around you. Let flowers and trees begin to talk to you. It is not your mind going mad, it’s simply the expression of your connection with nature. Let a guardian voice guide you. It is not insanity, it is just your inner strength lifting your spirits. And forever churn understanding into an experience. Because in the end it’s what you feel that matters, not what you know.

All in all, maybe irrationality is sometimes the most rational path.


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