Let me present to you the man (or woman) of the future…

No longer burdened with the efforts of cooking, exercising, thinking or slugging away to find happiness, the man of the future is free to experience all the pleasures of reality from within the confines of their own home. He may seek the greatest highs, most exhilarating adventures and sensual pleasures at his whim. Gone will be the days of effort. Gone will be the days of consequences. The man of the future is finally liberated from the struggles of reality and thrust into the sensory heavens.

The man of the future will have the latest extra-sensory head apparatus sending waves of stimulation directly into their brain. Through this break through device, the user can experience any sensation he wishes: sight, smell, taste, touch or sound. One minute, he may be sitting atop a Tibetan mountain top, blissfully relaxing against the trickle of water and breathing in the cool high altitude air. The next minute he may be sitting at a great banquet, indulging in the rarest treats from the corners of the world. And then finally finding themselves in the arms of a loved one experiencing a heartfelt euphoria.

Sex, food, beauty or simply pure blissful slumber will appear at the pulse of a neuron. Our team at the Uber Man Technology Works have produced sensations indistinguishable from the real thing. So why put yourself through the risks and trials of real life when you can achieve the same result with no effort?

This is more than just a virtual reality system, however, it is a complete sensory reality system. Through it you can manipulate the crux of your perception as if you held a customizable drug. Upon reaching a temporary boredom with your usual virtual escapades, you may choose to wipe your slate clean and relive these experiences as if they were your first, over and over again. And moreover, you may send direct waves of dopamine to your brain leaving you in a catatonic state of pleasure for as long as you wish.

The man of the future sits comfortably upon the softest sofas in the security of his own home. A drip feeds to him all his his nutritional requirements, relieving him of the onerous need to cook, clean and expend energy that could be used for enjoyment. Robot cleaners sanitise the room and keep pesky intruders out, allowing the resident to meditate in his manner of choosing. Your remaining physical body, our dear customer, friend and brother, will be well looked after.

Soon, we will have achieved the pinnacle of what all human technology has strived for. A life of pure convenience and and eternal pleasure until the day we die. This is the future, an utter perfect existence. We all may now live our lives as the bourgeois of our own reality. No, the GODS of our reality. What more could we ask for?


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