Nazis and dishwashers

There are two kitchens that I use at work, one on my floor and a common one on the ground floor. At the ground floor kitchen, people tend to place their dishes into the the dishwasher after using them. Whenever I go there, I follow suite. But at the kitchen on my floor, the dishes are always pile up on the bench top, so again I follow suite and leave them on the bench top.

Both kitchens are roughly identical. There is no relevant difference that justifies my differing choice of dish placement between the two. In fact, whenever I do leave my dishes out on the kitchen on my floor, I feel slightly resentful knowing that I am just making more work for the cleaners. At the end of the day, I’m just basing my actions on whatever is considered the social norm of the given kitchen.

It kind of makes you understand how people could be Nazis doesn’t it…


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