Our enemies were once the coldness of nature, the predatory beasts and the never ending hunt for nourishment. For these, we evolved our able bodies, our wits and the co-operation one another. Then came the enemy of tribes. Against this we learned how to fight and craft weapons to defend ourselves. Shortly after, we began to face our own existentialism, for which we developed our study of thought, and against the complexities of the world which hold us we developed science.

As time went by, our enemies began changing from ones of the inherent phenomena of the universe, to be ones of the greater organisation of people. Against oppression we learned to unite and revolt. Against violence and war we learned to march for peace. And against the thought control of the public system, we learned to communicate via the internet.

We have over come many enemies in our past, some of which still haunt us today. But nevertheless, for our sake and for the sake of those around us we continue to fight against them so that we may be free. But the ones that we each face today are far more subtle and complex than ever. We face the enemy of fervent corporate, political and economic growth. And against this, our only weapon is knowledge.

While you may be apathetic towards the progress of civilization or the defense of the disenfranchised, you cannot ignore the forces that threaten your very self. For as an individual awakened in this oligarchic society, your liberties and well being are never guaranteed. And while you may be safe now, it is for that moment you will need to have your arms prepared.

So read, listen, write, question and think. Travel, talk, perform and yearn. Because one day, you’ll need everything you can muster from your mind to defend your wages, your liberties, the forests you visit, the air which you breathe, the peace within you neighborhood, the future of those you love and most importantly, the control of your own mind and body. And that moment may in fact be now.


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