A worldly announcement

Attention please. This is a worldy announcement.

Where this voice is coming from is not of importance. This is not God nor your imagination and the resembelence to that of Stephen Fry’s voice is purely coincidental.

I require everybody to please stop what they are doing at this moment in time. Put down that piece of toast, pause that dvd, stop making out and turn your cars engine off. Do not be alarmed, I can assure you that everything will be fine. I promise that we will not take up more than ten minutes of your time.

Now, you will witness something a bit odd in the coming moments. Don’t panic. What will happen is this. The material world around you will begin to fade away. The walls around you, your waffle maker and car roofs will slowly vanish revealing nothing but a view of the outside world. Do not adjust your mind, this is actually happening. And if you are already on drugs at this time, god knows how this is going to affect you.

Right, the next peculiar event is this. We are going to twiddle a few dials. Once again, how this is happening does not matter. It merely is.

As you look around you, you will observe night sky blooming, neon swirls of distant galaxies knead through the omnipresent stars. The moon surrendering to the infinite, the mysterious lights that have travelled for lifetimes to fall upon your eyes. Turn your gaze slowly downwards, so that you meet the seam that is the horizon. Welcome the earth, the ocean and silence which is all that reside here. Notice how there is no seperation between you and the air. Just particles upon particles, fluctuating in equilibrium.

Fall even deeper now, past the beautiful exterior into the chamber that is the mind. Be aware of your conciousness, breathing in and out slowly. Pay no attention to the thoughts and troubles that distract you, they are but trivial layers upon the silence at your center. As you begin to relax, focus on the word ‘peace’. Let it resonate inside and fill you with itself. When you are ready, return once again to your senses, look up one last time.

Take your time. Look around, use your imagination.

This is a place you may now come to as you wish. A reminder of the heavens without and the heavens within. A reminder of the true nature of ourselves discarded of material curtains closed above our eyes. We are not beings born into a hospital, suburb or society. Rather something greater. We are beings that have for now awoken into a universe, a conciousness to experience and simply be.

But thats enough for now, we will be returning the world back to our time and space. You will notice everything rolling back slowly to as it was. The walls to your car reappearing and your household possesions taking material form once again. We apologise for any inconvenience, but it’s difficult to find a time that is suitable for everyone in the world. We simple could not wait.

Anyhow, that signals the end of this worldly announcement. Continue consuming.


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