what should one care about the most?

nothing said the nihilist

why so asked the optimist?

isn’t it obvious my friend,

the sun tends to darkness
just as beauty tends to wither
all roads lead to nowhere
and all that is left is loneliness

what is there that doesn’t fade
to drink the wine is to lose the wine
don’t you think?

how i resent your views, said the optimist
for all your life you have ignored the seed that does not fade
the seed known as the soul
the seed that…

turns darkness into wonder
wither into wisdom
nowhere into the moment
and loneliness into peace

and thus the nihilist became the pantheist


2 thoughts on “Pantheism

  1. Optimistic nihilism – I dig, I very much dig! Not so keen on the soul thing, but if I take that as a metaphor for the will or ego then you’ve got me pegged 🙂

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