Sun, sky and sea

What do you worship?

Is it God? The dollar? A special someone? Art?

See I think our ancestors (like those whacky Mayan and Vedic guys) were onto a good thing for a while. They said….

…hey look at that big yellow circle in the sky. It makes us nice and warm, seems to make the crops grows and gives us light. Hmm, it could be the most important thing out their keeping us well and happy. Then they said…

…hey look at all that water. Boy it sure is tasty. And look at all the pretty fishies! Let’s go swim with them. Gosh this big body of water is impressively big. Then they said…

…hey look at the sky. All the clouds telling stories and carrying droplets or water across the world. I wonder far this cooling breeze has traveled to get to us. This sweet air gives us life and connects together the corners of the earth.

Now look at us today. Surrounded by junk in our houses, minds and hearts. Creating this illusion of success, satisfaction and desire to keep us distracted from all we really need.

So if you’ll join me, I want to create a monthly ritual where we all gather around a fire in multi-coloured robes and praise the mother earth. We can make up dances to all her elements and chant and prance about the fire in penance. We’d have bongo’s on in the background and any other instrument we can groove into it. We’d burn flowers, leaves and other ‘aromatics’ to fill the air up with fragrance and breathe it into our lungs with pleasure. We’d start of just before sunset and carry on into the night.

Forget iPods, mag wheels, celebrities, caviar, your career, your dreams, your goals. All we need is the…

Sun, sky and sea


2 thoughts on “Sun, sky and sea

  1. Celebrate the mother earth by burning a small part of it!

    Television fantasies, erotic trysts in life
    Wealth and glory – a bedtime story, the secretive deranged
    Mourning games and drug-fuelled fame, heartbreak – all your wants are nothing

    Anyway, I like it, a lot – the elegant simplicity of it all! I thought a lot about the ancient Egyptians while reading it. The sun, river and boundary deserts really defined their outlook on life. There are these great dialectic trends in Egyptian culture – two sides to things, opposites, life and death, and then both the sun and the annual river flooding contributed to a culture obssessed not with death, but with cycles of rebirth and rejuvenation. This is moving away from what you were talking about but I hope you find it interesting anyway!

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