Ice cream and toasters

So all want to make the world a bit cleaner right? Well humor me in this exercise for a minute…

Take an innocent tub of ice cream sitting in the freezer spitting out pick up lines to lure you over to it. I want to break down that tub of ice cream and get an idea of just how much goes into getting it into your tummy. I’m no ice cream maker expert guy but I have a reasonable amount of common sense (I said reasonable not immense) so here goes:

Here is the simplest view on this process:

  1. Go to food town
  2. Buy and eat ice cream

Let’s break it down juuust a little bit more:

  1. Get a cow
  2. Milk that cow
  3. Turn that milk into cream
  4. Put in a bunch of flavours
  5. Put all that into a box
  6. Truck it to food town
  7. Buy it and eat ice cream

Seems simple enough riiight. Let’s do another break down :

  1. Accommodate, feed and raise a cow
  2. Inseminate and milk the cow
  3. Put the milk into a big machine to cream-ify it
  4. Create a bunch of artificial flavours and add them to the mix
  5. Get some oil and make a plastic container out of it in a factory
  6. Get a truck, put some gas in it and ship it to food town
  7. Store it in a freezer
  8. Buy it and eat ice cream

Now, we are starting to see that it takes a fair bit of resources to get ice cream into your tummy? We could do this all day. I mean now we need to make a machine that milks the cow, and to make that machine it takes other machines which all take more resources. And this means we need more land to put all this stuff in and have space for factories to manufacture the stuff. And all this takes more and more oil, elements from the earths crust an creates more pollution.

If only there was a plant that tasted like ice cream…


4 thoughts on “Ice cream and toasters

  1. Unfortunately this is one of those problems that humanity has to face that doesn’t have an easy solution. We’ve become accustomed as a global society to consuming resources without any thought as to the consequences of what we’re doing, and there is no way you can avoid being a part of it unless you become a self-sufficient hermit, (which will continually become harder and harder to do even that as more land gets used up).

    I don’t know the answers to how to fix it, but I do know that raising awareness of the fact that we’re destroying our planet is a good start.

    Great post.


    Also, even growing things uses resources you know:

    1. Accommodate, feed and grow an ice cream plant
    2. Make sure your plants stay healthy with a bunch of chemicals and fertilizers
    3. Fertilize flowers and grow ice cream friut
    4. Pick ice cream friut and transport it to a packing room with a big (and awesome) machine.
    5. Get some oil and make a plastic container out of it in a factory.
    6. Get a truck, put some gas in it and ship it to food town.
    7. Store it in a freezer.
    8. Buy it and eat ice cream.

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