Speaking of speaking guitar

Improvising and composing music are the two driving reasons for keeping up my guitar playing. As fun as it is to burst out an old classic with the band nothing beats the sense of freedom and creation that comes with improvisation. But there’s nothing more frustrating than spinning on a backing track or your band counting in a rhythm and finding that you just can’t get anything worthwhile out.

So here’s a little trick I came up with that you might find useful. Imagine that you are actually speaking with your guitar. Let a sentences conjure up in your head while you play to guide your melodic passages. The sentences don’t have real words or make sense, rather they just need a tone so that a meaning can be felt from them. This way your solo’s will speak out purposefully.

I hope that makes sense. If not, just close your eyes and focus on listening to yourself and the rest of the music. It’ll help break away from letting your fingers mechanically guide you over the same patterns and will give you a better insight as to where to move the melody.

Anyway, happy jamming all you muso’s 🙂


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