Colours of man: Music festivals

I was at a day long music festival yesterday. And I noticed that there is no other place that contains such a large mixture of demographics (of people aged 16 – 30) in a state of constant interaction. Furthermore, there is no other place that actively shows the true spectrum of what people are capable of.

I saw a display of courage by one of the performers who climbed a stage frame about five stories high, without a harness, to play a guitar solo to the crowd. A display of ape like mentality when a serious fight broke loose in the mosh pit. A display of collective effort when the crowd parted and helped a girl overdosing through to safety. A display of openness from talking to strangers on the train home. And a reminder of all the different emotions that one can feel from the plethora of musical genres on stage.

Oh, and Tool totally rocked. I haven’t slept in until 1pm for a long time.


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